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ARC Review: Eros/Psyche by Maria Llovet

Today I’m writing a review for Spanish artist Maria Llovet’s first graphic novel Eros/Psyche, which has just been translated into English for the first time. You can follow the author on Twitter and Instagram!

About the book

I received this book from NetGalley as an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Genre: Young adult, LGBT+, fantasy

Representation: Queer main and secondary characters

Content warning: Suicide

Release date: October 12th, 2021

Summary: La Rosa’s female boarding school is paradise for young girls… but only if you follow the rules. Because, if you disobey them, you can end up expelled, or even worse, dead. Sara and Silje are two students learning the rules of the school, which includes classes by day… and the casting of curses and spells by night. A love develops between the two, which is tender, but threatens to break under the weight of the dark secret society within La Rosa.

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I decided to read this on a whim, first pulled in by the stunning cover. At first, I had no expectations for it because I jumped in blindly, but this turned out to be a rather charming and intriguing graphic novel with beautiful art.

First of all, the plot was slightly confusing at times, something that would usually put me off. However, I thought that in the context of this story, the slight confusion worked in its favour. The action takes place in an all-girls boarding school, a setting that is already quite whimsical and removed from the rest of the world, creating some sort of parallel reality where we can forget about the outside world. Additionally, some bizarre events happen in the story, and we don’t really get complete explanations, but rather, we’re rolling with it. This sense of confusion and inexplicable happenings added to the charm of this graphic novel.

Another really important aspect that was vital to the story was the art. Equal parts beautiful and creepy, some panels even on the verge of being quite gory. The art is what originally pulled me towards this book, and I was not disappointed with it. I really did quite enjoy every single page, and I believe that this art style was the perfect way to tell this story.

Finally, this was very short—I read it in less than an hour—which was the perfect length for it. Sometimes a short, queer, whimsical graphic novel is all you need, and this fits that criteria perfectly.

All in all, Eros/Psyche was a very charming story filled with gorgeous art. I would recommend this to everyone because it’s so short that you might as well give this short graphic novel a chance. I personally enjoyed it quite a bit and I feel like it’s one that many people will find as interesting as I did.

Have you ever read something quite like this? Are you interesting in picking this one up?

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