December Wrap-Up

December reading started off quite slow for me, and I thought I wouldn’t get much reading in, but I ended up having a fantastic month! As you will see, it was the month of the comics and, although there’s a debate on whether we should log/count them, I’m of the opinion we 100% should, because they’re reading after all. So, let’s jump in and let me show you what I read, what I wrote, and what blog posts I loved reading!

*Sidenote: I also finally signed up for Storygraph, so feel free to send me a friend request!

What I Read

Feed by Aveda Vice

I started off the month reading this erotic horror novella, which was absolutely fantastic. I picked it up one night because I wasn’t able to fall asleep and read the whole thing.

I only became aware of Aveda Vice a couple of months ago, but I must say I have truly been enjoying their writing, and I’m excited about reading more of it.

After this, as I was putting the finishing touches on my Young Avengers post, I had to catch up on some comics I hadn’t had time to get to, so I read all of these:

As I had such a blast getting back to reading comics after a few months, I decided to try some new ones. So, after I had read all of the above I decided to start reading about a different character: Wolverine’s son, Akihiro. I looked for a reading order and jumped into it. This is what I read so far:

After all this comic reading I didn’t know what to pick up, but Hachette audio sent their monthly email and I decided to try one of them.

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

The title of this truly caught my attention, and I thought the timing was perfect as the new Matrix film was about to come out, so I gave it a shot.

I had a great time listening to this, and it was the perfect read for my mood at the time!

The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks by Mackenzi Lee

At the same time I’d been reading all the previous books, I had also been making my way through this one, one of my most highly anticipated books of the year.

Despite taking me almost an entire month, I really loved jumping back into this world with these amazing characters. This series has truly become a very comforting one for me, so I genuinely loved reading this.

After finishing I got back to reading about Akihiro, finishing some other volumes:

Then, I decided to pick another one of my most anticipated books:

Boy Parts by Eliza Clark

As soon as I became aware of the existence of this book, I knew it was the perfect read for me, but it went above and beyond my expectations.

I listened to this in less than 24 hours, and I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it and how perfect it was.

Headless by Aveda Vice

Another Aveda Vice read that I read entirely at night. I know we shouldn’t pin books against each other, but this might’ve been my favourite of the Aveda Vice stories I’ve read. It was super short but hypnotic and sexy and everything it was supposed to be and more.

Aaand after this I proceeded to reread Boy Parts because, like I said, I simply couldn’t get it out of my mind. I, once again, finished it in under 24 hours, and it climbed to my top 3 of favourite reads of the year.

Graveneye by Sloane Leong and Anna Bowles

This I picked up in the middle of my Boy Parts reread because it was late at night and I wanted to read something less harrowing. I obviously didn’t make the right choice since this was as disturbing if not more.

Despite being a short graphic novel, I debated whether to put it down quite a few times in the time it took for me to read it. In the end, I pushed through, but it did leave me feeling quite unsettled.

Finally, my last read of the year was:

1000 Nudes: A History of Erotic Photography from 1839-1939 by Michael Koetzle and Uwe Scheid

I decided to pick up this photography book after reading about erotic photography in Boy Parts and becoming quite interested in it.

This was quite an interesting read as it introduced the history of this type of photography in a very simple yet thorough way. I did really enjoy learning more about it and seeing some gorgeous pictures to illustrate it.

What I Wrote

In December I managed to write more than one post a week despite being busy, so I’m very proud of myself for that. Here’s what I put out:

Blog Posts I Loved

I struggled to make time to read blog posts in December, but I still managed to find some that I thoroughly enjoyed:

What was your favourite book you read in December? What blog posts did you adore? Feel free to leave a link down below!

22 thoughts on “December Wrap-Up

  1. Even though I only seldomly pick them up, I’d also agree that reading comics and graphic novels 100% counts! Reading is reading, after all 😊 And it looks like you had a pretty amazing time with it this past month!

    Also, I’m really happy you liked my wrap-up 🤗 – those always take forever to write, but I feel like they’re such “normal” posts that they’re hardly ever noticed much 😅

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