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Book Review: How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

This review comes a bit late, as I finished this last month, but I wanted to write it regardless, so here it is!

About the book

Thanks to Hachette Audio for sending me an audiobook copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: ★★★.5

Genre: Contemporary, romance, adult

Representation: Black main and secondary characters

Content warning: Mentions of death

Summary: Bethany Lu Carlisle is devastated when the tabloids report actor Keanu Reeves is about to tie the knot. What?! How could the world’s perfect boyfriend and forever bachelor, Keanu not realize that making a move like this could potentially be devastating to the equilibrium of…well…everything! Not to mention, he’s never come face to face with the person who could potentially be his true soulmate—her.
Desperate to convince Keanu to call off the wedding, Lu and her ride-or-die BFF Truman Erikson take a wild road trip to search for the elusive Keanu so that Lu can fulfill her dream of meeting her forever crush and confess her undying love. From New York to Los Angeles, Lu and True get into all sorts of sticky situations. Will Lu be able to find Keanu and convince him she’s the one for him? Or maybe she’ll discover true love has been by her side all along…

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When I started this book I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. Was I willing to listen to hours of a woman obsessed with a celebrity? Well, despite all odds, I was. It did take me a while to get into this, because when I tell you our protagonist is obsessed, I mean it, and I’m not the biggest fan of that kind of behaviour. However, as we got more into the story, I started to enjoy it. The road trip element and the relationship between the characters was the most enjoyable part. I also enjoyed that, despite there being some drama, it wasn’t as overpowering as I initially expected.

However, I did have to suspend my disbelief quite a few times through this. There are many celebrities that make appearances in the book, which, more often than not, make absolutely zero sense. I’m also not the biggest fan of incessant pop culture references, and this book is filled with them. Nonetheless, it is still a fun read if you manage to look past that, or if that is not a problem for you.

Despite the apparent ridiculousness of the plot, it managed to also display some really interesting relationships between characters. I really enjoyed reading about our protagonist’s friends and seeing those friendships develop throughout the novel. Also, the drama was obviously present, but it wasn’t too much—something that I find always happens in romance novels.

As for the narration, I had no problems with it. I really enjoy listening to romance novels rather than physically reading them, and this was the right call once again.

All in all, this was an entertaining contemporary novel. It did have some moments of absurdity, but I enjoyed it overall.

About the author

A native New Yorker, Kwana Jackson, who also writes as K.M. Jackson Jackson spent her formative years on the ‘A’ train where she had two dreams: 1) to be a fashion designer and 2) to be a writer. After spending over ten years designing women’s sportswear for various fashion houses this self-proclaimed former fashionista, took the leap of faith and decided to pursue her other dream of being a writer. 

Now a USA Today Bestseller Kwana’s self-published novel, BOUNCE won the Golden Leaf for best novel with strong romance elements from the New Jersey chapter of Romance Writers of America. She was also named Author of the Year by the New York Chapter of Romance Writers of America and has been tapped by Oprah Magazine, ShondaLand and NPR for their Best Romance lists.

A mother of now young adult twins, Kwana currently lives in a suburb of New York with her husband. 

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

Have you read this book? Do you plan to? Also, what’s your favourite Keanu Reeves film?

4 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

  1. Great review! I’ve seen a few reviews here and there for this one that mentioned the same things as you about suspending disbelief and also, all the pop culture refs. I don’t know whether that makes me want to read it more or read it less? 😂

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