Unread Books I Own

Today, I’m exposing myself. Okay, it’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds. I don’t usually buy books unless I want to start them immediately, but that’s not always been the case and, because of that, I have a few books that have been on my shelves, untouched, for a few years. Today I’ll be telling you what they are and why—if there’s a reason—I still haven’t got round to reading them.

1) Bloodlines, The Golden Lily, and The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

I got these as a present at the same time I got Vampire Academy, back in 2013 (wow). My plan was to read all of Vampire Academy—which I did—and then continue with Bloodlines—which I obviously did not. I was very interested on eventually getting to this but it’s been so many years that I remember absolutely nothing from those books and the time it’d take me to reread them in order to start this isn’t worth it anymore. So now, they sit on my shelves until I make up my mind about what to do with them.

2) 1984 by George Orwell

This was a gift from my grandma and when I got it I actually started reading it immediately in the park. I read about 20 pages there and never continued. I’ve been saying this is a priority for two years but it still hasn’t happened. Maybe this year?

3) Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I must have bought this after reading The Darkest Minds. The truth is that despite it sounding interesting, it mainly deals with stuff that I’m not that interested in, so I’m not sure if I should part with it.

4) Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

I got this because I had enjoyed Giovanna Fletcher’s previous books. I actually started reading this at the beach about two years ago, but I couldn’t really focus. Not sure whether it had to do with the book itself or my pandemic brain, so it’s one I want to give another shot.

5) Fateful by Claudia Gray

I was gifted this by a friend many years ago and never got to it. I always have this book at the back of my mind because I think I will enjoy it but I never actually pick it up for some reason.

6) A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

Well, this is another case of “I read the first book in the series so long ago that at this point I remember nothing about it and I’m not sure I want to reread it to continue with this one”. I’ve also never watched Game of Thrones, so I have no knowledge to go off of.

7) The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang

I bought this with every intention to read it as soon as I got it but, obviously, I never did. This is a trilogy that I really think I’ll enjoy, but for some unknown reason, I still haven’t started it.

8) A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Well, well, well, this is one that I’ve actually read a good portion of. However, in the middle of reading it my mental health took a dip so I didn’t want to continue with this and make it worse. I’ll eventually finish it, but I don’t know where that’ll be—I actually dreamt I picked it back up last night so perhaps that’s a sign?

9) The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Another one that I started reading as soon as I got it but that I, for some reason, didn’t manage to get into. I, once again, blame this solely on my pandemic brain.

10) The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites by Elizabeth Prettejohn

The reason I haven’t read this book yet is that I haven’t had the time to sit down and absorb all the knowledge it has to give me. I really want to get around to it sooner rather than later, but it’s also one that I want to pay my full attention to.

11) J.W. Waterhouse by Peter Trippi

Similarly to the previous one, I haven’t had the brain capacity for this. I actually started this one but it was taking a lot out of me to read it at the time so I stopped. I can’t wait to get back to it though.

12) The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive by Robert Abele

This is probably one of my oldest unread books. This was a gift from my mum back from my Twilight-obsessed days. I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to it, but I know it’s one that I won’t part with since it hold sentimental value.

What are some books you own but haven’t read? Have they been on your shelves for a long time?

See you next time, Maria

16 thoughts on “Unread Books I Own

  1. Loved this post! 💕 I have around 34ish books on my physical TBR and want to get that number down this year! Bloodlines and The Golden Lily are among the books as well, I reread Vampire Academy last year but then wasn’t feeling compelled to pick up Bloodlines 🥺 I actually loved Passenger, but the sequel has been sitting on my shelf for years now 😅

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  2. Since this post is kind of like an archive of how your reading tastes developed over time – The Twilight and Vampire Academy nostalgia! 🤣 – I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Maria! Although I am very proud to say that I personally do not own any unread books 😇 I always read mine straight away, and that one time in 2020 when my gifted books started piling up because I had exams gave me severe anxiety…

    And this is such an interesting mix! Personally, I’d recommend you get rid of Passenger (a huge insta-lovey and boring let-down if I ever read one 🙄) and A Clash of Kings (I am, quite possibly, the only person in existence who was not impressed by Game of Thrones 😅), but of course, I am very excited for you to get to A Little Life and The Poppy War!

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    1. Zero unread owned books is the goal, so you’re doing great! I get the anxiety as well, my physical got a bit to big for me at one point and it was overwhelming.

      Honestly, Passenger has been on my shelves for so long that I highly doubt I’ll get around to it, but for some reason I find it hard to part with it. As for A Clash of Kings, I did enjoy the first book in the series but I don’t know if I actually have any wish to continue with it.

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  3. I definitely have way more unread books than that! And to be fair, it sounds like a lot of these were gifts. It seems like you actually have a pretty good handle on your unread books. I definitely get the bit about feeling like you don’t have the time or brain space to properly absorb a book the way it deserves.

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  4. i love this as a post idea, it feels like a good way to hold yourself accountable to read all these books! i can’t wait to see your thoughts on the poppy war whenever you get around it ❤ i have so many unread books on my shelf that have been there for years, but i got rid of a bunch i knew i wasn't interested in anymore a few months ago and it felt so good!

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  5. 1984 and The Goldfinch are definitely worth another attempt! I loved A Little Life when I read it some years back, but it is mentally and emotionally taxing and I completely understand why some people do not like it at all. I am also enjoying your blog so far. I love Spain and have been studying Spanish for these past seven years on and off, but due to my lack of conversation practice, I am still quite rubbish at it. I see that you are also studying Japanese and Italian? I am currently studying both on my own, too. Japanese has been a challenge, but I am getting there!

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    1. I’ll totally get to all of them!! I’ve seen a lot of criticism of A Little Life, but I personally think I’ll really enjoy it (I loved what I did read of it). And yes, I’m studying Japanese and Italian, but I unfortunately haven’t had much time lately… It’s really cool that you’re studying Spanish, I bet you know a lot after seven years!!

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