June Wrap-Up

Sooo, I was very late to the party but I started June by finally catching Covid and having to cancel my birthday plans. I normally don’t do anything to celebrate so of course the one year I decided to have a small gathering I’m unable to.

Thankfully, the month improved fast as I finally got to start my internship at the library! I’ve been fighting for this to happen since last October so when I finally got the green light, I couldn’t believe it at all. So far it’s been great. Everyone has been nice and I’ve really been enjoying the tasks I’ve been assigned and everything I’ve been learning. I was slightly scared to mess up at first but the users have been nothing but welcoming. Obviously, there has been a few mishaps, but truly nothing major.

My reading, however, has taken a bit of a dip in the time it’s taken me to adapt to the new routine. However, I did really enjoy the two books I managed to squeeze in this month.

Finally, just a heads-up for next month. I need to get my master’s thesis ready to hand in to my tutor by the end of July and I’m also starting a full-time job on top of my internship. So, if I suddenly disappear, that’s why.

What I Read

Hell Followed with Us by Andrew Joseph White

This book took me almost a month to complete, and not because I wasn’t liking it. I think I started the month in a bit of a slump, but this book was really interesting and enjoyable.

I wrote a whole review for it HERE alongside a playlist that I’m way to proud of!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

After months of my friend and basically the entire internet praising Emily Henry books, I finally read one. This was my first of her books and it’s safe to say that I’ll be reading more of Emily Henry’s work. I had a blast listening to this audiobook and I was also very grateful for having to wear a mask in the bus, because I was smiling like a fool throughout.

What I Wrote

I managed to post pretty regularly this month despite all the stuff going on. I did skip the last Friday of the month, which made me sad since I had that post almost ready, but some last minute stuff came up and I didn’t have time to finish it properly. Despite that, I had quite a lot of fun with my posts this month. Here are my highlights:

Blog Posts I Loved

I did absolutely terrible at blog-hopping this month but I did still manage to read a few posts here and there, and these are the ones I loved the most!

Did you read a lot this month? What were your favourite books this June?

14 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

  1. I’m really sorry COVID got in the way of your birthday celebrations! 😥 I hope you still managed to have a somewhat festive day – Happy belated birthday, by the way! 🥳🍰🎊 – and that you’re feeling better now!!

    That library internship sounds really cool though – I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

    Also, Book Lovers!! I’ve loved Emily Henry’s other books, so now that I know this one has your stamp of approval, I’m even more excited!! 🤗

    And thanks for sharing my post! I’m glad you enjoyed it despite us disagreeing on so much 😅💙

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    1. I’m thankfully feeling great, it lasted just a few days! The internship definitely got me excited after that covid week 😂

      This was my first Emily Henry book and oh my god, it was sooooo good! Can’t wait to get to more of her work.

      And of course, I loved that post and it was fun to discuss the book with our very different reading experiences in mind!

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  2. I am so sorry you caught covid and your birthday plans were disrupted! I hope you feel better now and happy belated birthday! 💕
    I am glad you enjoyed your first Emily Henry book… I have certainly seen them around a lot but I love that it made you smile! It is what you want from a romance… happiness!
    I hope you have a wonderful July, it sounds like you will be very busy but I hope you enjoy it! Congrats on getting your internship! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no I’m so sorry you got Covid, it happened to me as well earlier this year 😔 I hope you have managed to recover well!
    I’ve read Emily Henry’s Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation this month and I loved them so much! I’m currently on the waitlist for the Book Lovers audiobook at my library 😄

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