September Wrap-Up

Remember when in my August Wrap-Up I said, and I quote: “I am slowly getting back to posting more regularly”? Well, that was a fun one considering I haven’t posted anything since then. I was confident I was going to have some time to blog in September, but finishing and then preparing to present my master’s thesis robbed me of all my free time. I’m happy to say that, as of the 23rd of September, I am officially done with my master’s! That shall no longer be an impediment to continue with blogging, and I hope to get back into the swing of things for real now.

What I Read

I’ve been wanting to rant about this on its own post for a while but seeing as I haven’t actually finished a single book this month, I think it is relevant to talk about it here. Also, I didn’t know how to make it coherent, so here’s an attempt.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that has ever read my blog or knows me that I’m a huge mood reader. However, lately, the moon reader in me has mixed with the super busy me, and have created a final form of mood reading.

For the past few months, but especially during September, my reading has been all over the place. I’ve started a million books I’ve only read one or two chapters from, I’ve read half a book then put it down. This means I was in the middle of reading two books for the longest time meanwhile the one book I need to have read for October (which I was highly anticipating) has been untouched for months. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying those books, it’s just simply that my brain couldn’t focus on one story for long periods of time, forcing me to jump around. That’s all to “justify” me not having finished any books this months despite having been actively reading all month.

All of this has also mixed with the fact that at the moment I’m being pulled towards genres I didn’t read as much in the past, which means I haven’t been reading some of the books I was really looking forward to. But one of my reading wishes for 2022 was to read more classics and non-fiction, and that’s been more than accomplished seeing as those are the two genres I’ve read the most 13 and 14 books respectively).

All in all, I can’t say I’m too bothered about not having completed any books, seeing as I 1) haven’t stopped reading per se and 2) I’ve been busy and that’s just the price I had to pay.

What I Wrote

Well, well, well, as I already mentioned, I wrote a grant total of zero posts in September, so there’s nothing to talk about in this section unfortunately. Just as with reading, I did start drafting a few posts, but I didn’t finish any of them. Hopefully this months goes better and I get to write about all the things I want to.

Blog Posts I Loved

Not to sound like a broken record, but blog hopping simply didn’t happen. My preferred forms of what little entertainment I was able to consume this month were less brain-engaging mediums, such as music and tv. I’ve seen some posts I’m interested in checking out though, so fingers crossed that I get to it!!

How did your month go? Did you, unlike me, get some significant reading done? Feel free to share favourites!


18 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up

  1. Congrats on your master’s, Maria!!! 🥳🎓🥳 After all the hard work you’ve put in, you deserve to celebrate and finally relax again!!

    And trust me, I totally get not reading, blogging, or doing anything much in the process of getting that thesis done. I think I was pretty much the equivalent of a zombie addicted to furious typing at the time, so don’t feel bad!

    And lol, no, I didn’t really read much in September, either 😅 “Horrible luck” doesn’t even begin to explain my month, so I basically just turned to rereading Harry Potter and watching Star Trek Voyager for the fifty millionth time in the little spare time school allowed me to have 😁 So you’re in great company! 😉

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    1. Thank you so much, Naemi 🥰🥰 I’m honestly so glad I’m done with it!! Zombie-like is the perfect way to describe my state for the past month or so.

      Comfort rereads and rewatches are more than valid, and I totally support them! Here’s too a luckier October to us both though 💕

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  2. Congrats on finishing your Master’s! 🥳 I’m working on starting my thesis soon! I’m glad that you could discover some new genres to enjoy, I have also been wanting to make some time for nonfiction this year and it has worked out so far 😊

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  3. huge congrats on finishing your masters!!!! that is a fantastic achievement and you should be very proud of yourself!!

    i am not much of a mood reader and tend to stick to TBRs, but i relate to not feeling super inspired to read lately. hopefully, things will be a bit less busy in october and you’ll feel more inclined to finish all the books you started! hope you have a great month!!

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