Review Policy

I will always write my honest opinion about the book, which might not always be positive. In my review I will point out why I didn’t enjoy the book, and if there was content that I consider to be problematic I will make sure to mention it.

I might decline requests whether it is because of time constrictions or because I’m simply not interested. However, I will always reply to your emails to let you know what I decide.

If I accept a book I will review it without exception. The reviews will be posted here, on my Goodreads, and on NetGalley (if applicable).

I accept ARCs as well as finished copies in both print and digital format. I’d appreciate it to be compatible with Kindle whenever possible.

Reading Preferences

My favourite genres are LGBT+, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction, even better yet if it’s all in one. However, I’m open to reading almost anything as long as it sounds interesting and like something that could appeal to my admittedly complicated reading tastes. Chances of me reading something are higher if it’s a diverse book.

Star rating system

★★★★★: Loved it. I was engrossed by the story and thought it was extremely well-crafted.

★★★★: Liked it. I had a great time reading it but it didn’t quite reach the level of perfection of a 5-star read.

★★★: It was okay. It was an enjoyable read but it didn’t blow me away. I was mostly indifferent about it. I didn’t find it particularly interesting but I also didn’t have any major issues with it.

★★: Didn’t like it. This book wasn’t for me and I probably (although not necessarily) had some issues with it.

★: Hated it. No redeeming qualities. Either it made no sense whatsoever or it was terribly offensive.

I also use half stars when a book falls in-between two categories.

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