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Themed Book Recommendations

Today we're talking about some recommendations! Thank you Ritz @ Living, Loving and Reading for tagging me. It took me a while, but I'm finally doing it and I'm very excited about it, it's always great to gush about some of my favourites! Rules Tag Ally @ Ally Writes ThingsGive at least one recommendation for each… Continue reading Themed Book Recommendations


10 Underrated Queer Books

I feel like there are a certain number of queer books that we're always talking about. They get lots of hype and attention which, despite being in most cases well-deserved, should expand to many more titles. I am very guilty of this as well, and I cannot claim to be a perfect example of reading… Continue reading 10 Underrated Queer Books


Audiobooks: Resources + Recommendations

I didn't really enjoy my first time listening to an audiobook, and for the next couple of years I never picked another one up. But back in August 2019 I decided to try again, and oh boy did it change my reading experience for the better. Ever since they've been my go-to for when I'm… Continue reading Audiobooks: Resources + Recommendations