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Book Review: How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao

Today I'm finally bringing you a review of How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao, one of my most highly anticipated books of 2021. Ever since I heard about this book I'd been wanting to get my hands on it, so I'm very happy that I finally got to read it. But, did this dark… Continue reading Book Review: How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao


Favourite Quotes

I find the topic of favourite quotes a fascinating one. In every reader sphere there's always discussion of quotes but, what makes a favourite quote? To me they're not only the poetic ones with beautiful words—although many that fall under this category are some of my favourites—but rather the ones that resonate with me personally.… Continue reading Favourite Quotes

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Book Review: Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Rating: ★★★★★ Genre: Contemporary, LGBT+, romance, young adult Representation: Bisexual protagonist, transgender secondary character, Vietnamese-American lesbian secondary character, lesbian secondary character, Korean-American gay secondary character, bisexual secondary character, asexual secondary character, pansexual non-binary secondary character, and possibly more that I'm forgetting about Content warning: Biphobia, internalised biphobia, toxic parents Summary: Her advice, spot on. Her love life, way… Continue reading Book Review: Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

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Mini Reviews: The Pronoun Book and True Loaf

I wasn't originally planning on posting about these books on my blog. Mainly because they're so short and to the point that I didn't have much to say about them. However, since I've enjoyed them both, I'm writing mini reviews for them! The Pronoun Book by Cassandra Jules Corrigan Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for… Continue reading Mini Reviews: The Pronoun Book and True Loaf


Bisexual Representation in Books

Though it is obvious that LGBT+ representation has been on the rise across different types of media in the last couple of years, there's still a long way to go. Traditionally the focus has been put on gay men, leaving any other identity outside of this diversification of content. There is also the issue of… Continue reading Bisexual Representation in Books