April Wrap-Up

April… what a month. I feel like I’ve been saying this for the past few months but April was really… something. My migraine, rhinitis, and what seem to be tension headaches decided to join forces and kick my ass this month, so I pretty much went through it in a daze. That and the fact that uni intensified a lot—and was likely the cause of the aforementioned incesant headache—obviously impacted my reading.

What I Read

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

I recently got my mum back into reading (yay for audiobooks!) and since she picked this up, I thought I’d read it too. I’d been wanting to read something by Virginia Woolf for a long time and, although it didn’t blow me away, this was interesting.

Isabella, or The Pot of Basil” by John Keats

If you’d asked me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined myself ever classic poetry of my own accord. I’d wanted to read this ever since seeing a painting of this story, and I picked it up for my Pre-Raphaelites post, to talk about that painting specifically. I was pretty intimidated going into it but this was surprisingly easy to follow and I ended up enjoying it quite a lot.

The Embassy of Cambodia by Zadie Smith

I picked this up from the library on a whim because it was short and it seemed interesting. Prior to this I had only read an introduction to another author’s book by Zadie Smith and I wanted to read more. I’m still not entirely sure what I thought of this one, but it was an okay experience.

Heartstopper: Volume One by Alice Oseman

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Heartstopper show came out heh. I obviously had to reread the entire series.

This volume is such a cute introduction to this story and I had a blast rereading it. I don’t know how but this makes me feel so incredibly happy.

Heartstopper: Volume Two by Alice Oseman

The second volume is equally as fantastic, and I’m glad I reread them all because the first time I read them all in one sitting and I didn’t remember where one finished and the other started.

Volumes one and two are what’s been adapted into the first season of the Netflix show.

Heartstopper: Volume Three by Alice Oseman

Ah, this volume is simply a joy to read. It’s the first time we have the entire gang together and this just feels like the utmost feel-good plot. That being said, some heavier topics start being introduced in this volume. It’s hard picking a favourite volume, but the third one is definitely a strong contender.

Heartstopper: Volume Four by Alice Oseman

Finally, the fourth volume is the hardest one to read but I personally adore it. The way Alice Oseman handles some really difficult topics is beautiful and the overall message of this volume is one of hope and love.

Admissions by Kendra James

While I was reading all of that, I was also listening to this as an audiobook. This is a non-fiction about a black student in a mostly white elite boarding school.

I really enjoyed this one and I thought it touched on some very interesting issues. I’ll be writing a review hopefully soon.

The Frogs by Aristophanes

This was my last read of the month. I’d been recommended this play a while back and although I did find it quite funny at times, most of it just felt a bit bland to me. I did think the idea of it was fantastic and obviously its impact is undeniable, so I’m glad I read it.

What I Wrote

Despite all odds and skipping a few posting days, I’m not too mad with what I did manage to post.

Blog Posts I Loved

Last month I had barely any time to blog-hop and I was scared this month would be a repeat, but I actually did pretty well in this regard, so here are some of my favourites:

How was your month? Did you discover a new favourite book? Did you also read or reread Heartstopper?

23 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. I love how half of this post is basically just you gushing about Heartstopper again 🤣 I fully approve! 🥰 (Besides, it’s not like I can give an opinion on anything else, since Heartstopper is the only thing on your list that I’ve read…)

    I really hope the headaches go away soon, though! 💙 That doesn’t sound like fun at all! 😨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so sorry it’s been a bit of a tough month and hope that May will be overall better and that those headaches will finally leave you alone! ❤
    YAY for Heartstopper! Loved the show so, so much and I adore the books as well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry you had a lot of headaches! I hope it’ll be better soon.

    I’ve yet to read A Room of One’s Own. The only Woolf book I’ve read so far was Mrs Dalloway, and I didn’t enjoy that. I don’t know if this will be better for me, probably yes, because it’s an essay.

    Thank you for sharing my post! 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sorry to hear that your April was stressful, I hope May is treating you better ❤️ I’m SO excited to watch the Heartstopper show with my friend, I’ll probably be tempted to reread the graphic novels afterward as well 😊 Thank you so much for sharing my post! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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