Discussing Maurice by E.M. Forster and Its Film Adaptation

Today I'm bringing you a new type of post for me, a sort of discussion based on a specific book. These posts are my favourites to read but —besides my review of The Atlas Six, which was more of a rant and chat about the characters—I've never attempted to write one of my own. This… Continue reading Discussing Maurice by E.M. Forster and Its Film Adaptation


100 Followers | Bloggers Appreciation

I've been debating whether I should write a post about hitting 100 followers, and after giving it much thought I've decided that yes, I must. I feel like it's important to first, thank you all for following me and hopefully enjoying my content and second, to celebrate this milestone. When I started this blog back… Continue reading 100 Followers | Bloggers Appreciation


What I Read In University

Today I thought it'd be interesting to have a look back and discuss everything I read in university. I'm not entirely sure if I've mentioned it before, but I graduated in English Studies. This, at my university, entitled language (since English is not the first language here), culture, linguistics, and of course literature. I must… Continue reading What I Read In University


To read or not to read? // DNFing Books

Today I really wanted to talk about DNFing books. However, this post might turn out to be more of a rant than anything, so you've been warned. For a while now I thought I had learnt how to DNF books—if I didn't like a book before I just pushed through it, because leaving it unfinished… Continue reading To read or not to read? // DNFing Books

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Dark Academia Books I Want to Read

It is fair to say that I was hooked on dark academia way before I knew what it was called. My fascination probably kick-started when I decided to watch Kill Your Darlings back in 2014, or arguably a few months before that when I read A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. The truth… Continue reading Dark Academia Books I Want to Read