Can We Love a Book Written by a Bad Person?

Way back in January, I wrote a post about favourite books where I briefly touched on how the author of a book might impact our view on their work. The call to cancel problematic and controversial authors has been going strong for a long time now—to be point of there being lists with "authors to… Continue reading Can We Love a Book Written by a Bad Person?


Unread Books I Own

Today, I'm exposing myself. Okay, it's not nearly as dramatic as it sounds. I don't usually buy books unless I want to start them immediately, but that's not always been the case and, because of that, I have a few books that have been on my shelves, untouched, for a few years. Today I'll be… Continue reading Unread Books I Own

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Let’s Talk About Heartstopper

*All illustrations by Alice Oseman, taken from here. Graphics made by me having way too much fun and lack of knowledge on Canva.* As I've mentioned before, I'm not much of a rereader or a rewatcher. It usually takes a lot for me to want to reread or rewatch something, let alone find the time… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Heartstopper


Where to Buy Books as an International Reader

As a follow-up to my book buying habits post—and as part 2/3 of this book buying series—today I'll be going over some sites where you can buy books for a good price as an international reader. I'm Spain based, so some items on this list might be Spanish resources, but I will include them because… Continue reading Where to Buy Books as an International Reader


Pressure to Write Reviews as a Book Blogger

Today's post is sort of a reply, and rant, to Phoenix @ Books With Wings's post—I was both inspired and encouraged by her to write this. Phoenix's post was all about the pressure to write reviews as a book blogger where she talks about how, in the past, she has felt obliged to write reviews… Continue reading Pressure to Write Reviews as a Book Blogger


10 Book Bloggers I’ve Been Loving

This year I'm participating in the "2022 support book bloggers" challenge, created by Briana @ Pages Unbound. I think it's a great way to uplift the community and support each other. For today's post I'll list 10 book bloggers I've really been loving ever since I created my blog, less than a year ago. Now,… Continue reading 10 Book Bloggers I’ve Been Loving